20 Minute Sautéed Garlic Mussels with Spaghetti

Let's chat about mussels...have you ever tried them? cooked with them? even know where to buy them? Mussels are a very popular and inexpensive seafood option to cook with. You can find them at most grocery store seafood counters. As you cook them (they can be roasted, steamed, stuffed) the shells will open up (make sure to discard any that don't open up.) The flavor? Are they "fishy?" They are slightly sweet, almost mushroom like in flavor and texture. There is a slight ocean like flavor that is comparable to shrimp! This recipe is a great introduction to experimenting with mussels. The sauce is garlicky, buttery, and oh so good! The mussels are sautéed in wine and then steamed so they will easily open up. If you want to try something new, definitely give this recipe a try. Still not sold on mussels? Try this recipe with shrimp, or omit the seafood all-together! Either way, don't forget to serve with crusty bread to sop up all the yummy sauce!